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Plantskydd: Planting Trees with Pigs Blood

BC Treeplanters Revolted

Amongst all the myriads of industrial horrors that treeplanters are exposed to in BC, nothing is more disgusting than the use of the Swedish-invented pigs blood product called "Plantskydd." Thanks to Gordo, the American pig-slaughtering industry has now found an eager destination to spew their offal by-product: into BC forests.



                                         "Baggin up the blood" Photo:  Sophia Joubarne             


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An Account of the Sentencing of Betty Krawczyk

Published on Counterpunch 

I arrived at 800 Smithe St, Vancouver, -the Supreme Court of BC at the designated hour of 8am on Monday, March 6th/07. I was there to support the redoubtable Betty Krawczyk, British Columbia's most famous and beloved 78-year-old, non-violent, civil-disobedient ancient forest protection activist as she was sentenced to jail, once again, for standing firm against the wanton destruction of rare, ancient forest ecosystems.


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Greenwash Blowout

Harpo and Gordo blow $120,000,000

The entrenchment of environmental myopia and repression by government, industry and media being such, it has taken until 2007 for the political establishment to generate a trickle of interest in BC's maelstrom of tidal resources. Canada's consumption-economy politicians have long sneered at a growing diversity of alternative energy-production and conservation opportunities in favour of the enormous, centralized, capitalist, planet-killing fossil-fuel economy. But suddenly last week, there was "Canada's New Prime Minister," ~Bush-buddy "Steve" Harper, all self-inflated in his floater-suit and strutting against the back-drop of the pathetic little prototype lunar-power generator now keeping the lights on at Race Rocks lighthouse.


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Atomic Porker Strikes Indian Point

Published on Counterpunch

Pigs Can Fly

The Atomic Porker, (an anagram of "Patrick Moore") is now spewing greenwash on the license renewal of the Entergy Indian Point Nuke which contributes 30% of New York City's power.This is just the latest exploit in the checkered career of the most blatant corporate-lackey sell-out ever to disgrace humanity.


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India’s Occupation of Ladakh

The Indian military occupation is an insidious cultural, environmental and economic calamity of the worst order for the people of Ladakh and should be as widely condemned as the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the Pakistani occupation of the Karakoram.

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Open Letter to UBC Prof. Thomas Maness re: “Active Environmentalism”

Hi Thomas,

My response embedded in your letter in Green

You say that you’re an “active environmentalist” so, given my concerns about a lack of environmentalist representation at your upcoming “BC Forum on Forest Economics and Policy” Symposium in Vancouver, and having never encountered you during my years of participation in BC’s environmental movement, I figured I had some research to do. But after an extensive Google search didn’t turn up anything, I wrote back to you to ask for something, anything to demonstrate your environmental activity.



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An Appeal for South India’s Wild Elephants!

Calling All Elephant Lovers!!

We are appealing for your immediate help to protect South India’s last significant herds of Wild Elephants! Please take a few moments to familiarize yourselves with the predicament of these magnificent animals!

(Please endorse the “Ecological Internet” action alert  following this report!)


Ash-trays for the Trophy Hunters Den


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The Ziocon Zugzwang Zeitgeist

Let me just first tell you that I’ve never been more convinced that the decisions I made are the right decisions. I firmly believe — I’m oftentimes asked about, well, you’re stubborn and all this. If you believe in a strategy, in Washington, D.C. you’ve got to stick to that strategy, see? People want you to change. It’s tactics that shift, but the strategic vision has not, and will not, shift"                                                                

~GWB recently


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Canada To Fork Over $450 Million Donation to Bush

~published on Counterpunch

Regretably, the big news across Canada at the moment is not that the Bush-lackey Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that the USraeli Ziocon Lebanon atrocity was “measured” and “reasonable.”

The BIG NEWS is that Harper’s Conservative government will will now proceed with legislation to implement an extremely controversial “sellout” Softwood Lumber agreement with the US.

Why should this be of interest to Bush-despisers everywhere??

Two Ziocon Pea-brains in a pod


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What’s Beautiful about the Dead Girls?

Yesterday, I posted two comments up on Daily Kos, -supposedly the busiest “progressive” (I yearn for better terminology) discussion in the bloggosphere, in response to the diary: “Beautiful Dead Girls,” which bewailed the violent deaths of female American soldiers in the GWOT. I see that my relevant comments got “Troll Rated” and now have been arbitrarily removed from the discussion.


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Massive, Bloated Elephant Farts in the DKos Room

The most massive, bloated Elephant ever is now sitting right there, squashed into the middle of the Daily Kos room, and it just farted. But nobody’s talking about it. Is everyone on America’s busiest blog gagged, or what? Has the miasma of stench and corruption totally overwhelmed and disappeared the dysfunctional DKos discussion about this dreadful dystopia?


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