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Dispatch from the World Social Forum, Karachi Pakistan

I tried very hard to get to Pakistan by train, but there was no information available from Indian Railways about the Thar Express. The new “Peace Train” started running between Jodhpur and Karachi in February after having been shut down since partition in ‘47, but for some reason, India is keeping it a secret. The only other alternative was to take the train up to Amritsar, then cross the border at Wagah, a short bus hop to Lahore, and then a 16 hour bus ride to Karachi. So after two days of wrangling visas and plane tickets in Delhi, I flew into the beautifully austere Jinnah Airport at Karachi, population 15 million. Upon exiting the airport, one’s first view of Pakistan is of a flashy McDonald’s joint, which the new airport surrounds like a crescent moon.











Sindhi Women Demonstrate in Karachi


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Are You About to Nuke Iran?

published on countercurrents 

Questions for George “Newcuelar” Bush

“…”Mr. President say the word “new.” Repeat again, “new.” Goooood!! Now Mr. President, say the word “clear.” That’s right, “clear.” Once again, “clear.” Gooood! Now put them together, “new+clear.” No Mr. President, not “newcuelar,” “new+ clear,” Goooood!! “new+clear, again, new+clear, once more, new+clear, now try “newclear” again, newclear, again, newclear, great!! You’re doing it!!! One more time. -Noooooooooo, NOT NEWCUELAR!!!!, OK, Mr. President, start again….”



Do Americans really want to be responsible for another nuclear attack??


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Rachel Corrie Burns USA Flag


“Rachel Corrie doing her duty

… I am in the midst of a genocide which I am also indirectly supporting, and for which my government is largely responsible…”

(To her mother)

February 27, 2003

Rachel was crushed to death in Rafah, Gaza by an Israeli Army bulldozer while protecting a Palestinian home, March 16, 2003

~All around the world, the USA flag has come to symbolize attack, invasion, occupation, torture and massacre~


The Smiling Buddha Blast & Canada’s CANDU Snafu

published in briarpatch magazine 

In a May 20, 1974 interview, CBC reporter Barbara Frum asked India’s UN Ambassador Samar Sen if India did not violate some agreements with Canada in developing and detonating an atomic bomb. Ambassador Sen’s response was that India did not develop an atom bomb.

“What did it develop, then?” Frum asked.

Sen’s response: “India just exploded an atomic device, nothing to do with a bomb. It is just one of the processes which is necessary for using atomic energy. How did you get the idea for an atom bomb?”

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Cathedral Grove Treesit Chronicle

Dear Ancient Forest Lovers,

Here’s a chronicle account from the front-line at Cathedral Grove, British Columbia, where direct-action non-violent civil-disobedient activists have been holding off the Neocon Gordon Campbell government from constructing a giant pay-parking lot in one of the final remaining tracts of ancient primeval fir forest on Vancouver Island.


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Vandals on Valdes

(published in the Victoria Times Colonist, Sept 27th 2003)

One evening last week a friend and I paddled out around Dibuxante Point to camp on the west coast of Valdes Island. Many readers will have seen the magnificent wave-washed sandston formations at the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola and at Tribune Bay on Hornby. But neither of these can compare with the fabulous formations of the cliffs of Valdes.


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Weyerhaeuser and the Dioxin Poisoning of Nanaimo’s Community drinking-watershed

Weyerhaeuser’s Terrain/Hydrology Specialist, Shelley Higman has been writing to Island newspapers to assuage widespread concerns about the company’s ongoing aerial chemical fertilization programme inside Nanaimo’s community drinking-watershed. Nanaimo citizens had expressed concerns that the worlds largest logging company, which owns the 230 square kilometre watershed as ‘private land,’ is spreading tons of US-produced chemical fertilizers onto its vast clearcuts where Nanaimo gets its drinking water.


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Travails of the Night Driving Hack

published on peace, earth and justice news and victoria monday magazine

I’ve driven hack (taxi) here in Victoria, putting myself through school on the 4pm-4am night-shift since the Blizzard of ’96. I’ve hauled countless thousands of you safely all around our town. I’ve been a professional driver for more than 25 years, I am an ICBC “Roadstar,” and have never had an accident or an insurance claim. Everyone depends on us hacks from time to time and Victorian’s usually pay and tip for our services.


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An Account of Gordon Campbell’s (and mine) Campaign Launch

April 20/05

Tonight I attended Gordon Campbell’s gala Election Campaign Launch, held at Victoria’s opulent Fairmont Empress Hotel. I heard about it just this afternoon so I rushed home, shaved, slicked back my hair, and threw on my Value-Village suit and tie and headed down to the Fairmont Empress. Luckily it’s only five minutes from where I live here in Victoria Beacon-Hill riding, but I had to cut across the Ledge lawn to make it in time. I figured, hey, I can’t afford the Empress Fairmont myself, so why not hitch my own campaign launch up with Gordo’s?!!


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