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Bare Mountain Bonanza Corp Strikes the Motherlode!

Last week, our crew got arrested protesting the Bear Mountain development. This week, our crew began prospecting for minerals at the top of Bear Mountain.

NDP MLA John Horgan discusses our aquisition of Mineral Rights for the Bear Mountain development

 We have now acquired the mineral rights for the entire Bear Mountain development. All 950 hectares of it. Our holdings now include the mineral rights to the Bear Mountain Interchange site, as well as Bear Mountain Highlands. We think that, given the helter-skelter, voraciously-in-all-directions nature of the development, some peon must have been asleep at the switch when the time came for the annual renewal of the claim.  Simply by acquiring a BC Free Miners license, which takes about 15 minutes and costs $25, we gained access to the extremely efficient new claiming system now put in place by Richard Neufeld and the Gordo govt. and were then able to click through all the Bear Mountain polygons, acquiring all of it.  Len Barrie and the Bear Mountain developers landscaping "vision" for their development has resulted in a giant, blast-terraced open pit mine, -which is then stuffed with cheesy stapled-together monster-homes.

Len Barrie, Les Bjola, Stew Young et al may own the very surface skein, ~and the "overburden"which they are so wantonly squandering, but the entire mountain  now already completely stripped and decapitated, perfect for a giant open-pit stripmine


Ingmar & Shawn arrested


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Obstacles and debacles ongoing at Bear Mountain

The sprawling Bear Mountain Resort at the north entrance to Greater Victoria is the largest planet-trashing, get-rich-quick development project currently underway on Vancouver Island. If you haven't seen Bear Mountain yet, hike up Mt. Finlayson from Goldstream Park and prepare to get grossed out. As far as the eye can see, the Highland hilltops which backdrop Victoria are being stripped of trees, blasted flat and squared off into staggered terraces. The entire top of Skirt Mountain has been decapitated, and now sports a massive concrete reservoir and pumping station which feeds a huge artificial waterfall installation above the golf course. The still-steaming stump fields are being plowed away, burnt, and replaced with a fluorescent green, chemical and water-sucking biological wasteland, specially designed by American golf fanatic Jack Nicklaus. Among the remaining stumps, an ancient Songhees lithic scatter site stands out, marked with fluttering orange flags. Nearby, a once-sacred cave has been demolished.  


                                      Another BC Developer

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Shrooming in Vancouver Island’s Stumpfields

Every autumn I head out towards Jordan River to pick wild mushrooms. Years ago, having comprehended the scale of the industrial decimation of fish worldwide, I quit one of my favourite pastimes and channelled my predatory proclivities into the hunt for mushrooms instead. The delight of discovering a luscious patch of mushrooms easily compares with the thrill of catching fish. But these days it’s getting more and more difficult to find a forest where wild mushrooms grow.

Magnificent Matsutakes found near Sooke Potholes:

A rare treasure!

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Canadas Cowardly Complicity

Our dreadful involvement in the American Afghanistan atrocity

Can there be anybody out there who is not sickened by the ongoing American attack, invasion, occupation, torture, rape and massacre of Iraq and Afghanistan? And can there be anyone who is not shocked by their repetitive ramp-up rhetoric for even more warmongering –and on an exponentially more dangerous scale- as can be heard in the current frantic tattoo on Iran? And is there anybody out there who is not totally ashamed and alarmed by Canada's grovelling complicity in this utter catastrophe?  



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Primordial Ordeal

My Kayak Journey Down the Wild Pacific Coast

I set off alone from Klicktsoatli Harbour near Bella Bella on a foggy late-August morning, kayaking southbound for Port Hardy with three cruxes ahead. Myriad streams of destiny had interwoven to channel me into this most wondrous whelm of wilderness, -to wander at the speed of the world, world through these magnificent, storm-battered and intimate archipelagos of Heiltsuk territory, (for which I had permission), and to explore an unknown aspect of my being as well. Like most people today, I feel cast adrift from the pure and living Earth, -our tenuous and fragile home, -this place where our species has been evolving for 150,000 years until so recently, -since we have become nearly completely alienated from nature.                          


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Colleen McCrory: No Passion, Only Action

BC's most prominent environmental activist, Colleen McCrory's death came so shockingly, -even as I was still assimilating yesterday's bizarre news that she had been given just three days to live, today, suddenly she is gone. Being generally reconciled to the inevitability of human mortality, I hadn't anticipated being so overwhelmed and brought to tears by the death of another friend and mentor, an experience which thankfully, I'm not overly familiar with as yet. But I found myself wracked with sobbing this morning, and now, 12 hours later at midnight, I'm still overwhelmed and don't know quite how I may properly mourn for this most beloved, irreplaceable and inspiring person who passed across my life. Her death is just as sudden and shocking as the death of another hard-core activist friend, dear David White, whose recent passing also came just right out of the blue. The pain of this irreplaceable loss is similar to what one feels witnessing the felling of giant, veteran primaeval trees.


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Vancouver Islands Marmot:

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Recently the Victoria Times Colonist announced the 'thumbs-up" news that Canada's most endangered species, the Vancouver Island marmot, has been brought back from the brink of extinction and now numbers more than 200 animals. Over the past few years the Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Project, which is currently funded by tax-payers and the TimberWest and Island Timberlands logging companies, has received bad press for its clumsy efforts to save the marmot. These efforts have included the scapegoating of predators as the proximate cause of the marmot's extinction which resulted in years of controversial wolf and cougar culling and the scandalous shooting of Golden eagles (authorized by Nancy Wilkin, currently Deputy Minister in the Campbell governments farcical 'Ministry of the Environment who continues to sit on the BOD of the VIM Recovery Project) which embarrassed British Columbia before the world. So why not celebrate this news that Vancouver Island marmot populations are now finally on the increase?  



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We Cant Bear Bare Mountain


It was great to read in the Victoria Times Colonist recently that Langford Mayor Stu Youn is nonchalant about the Tree-Sit which has been installed directly in the middle of his $30 million signature project: the proposed "Bear Mountain Interchange." Mayor Young stated that the Tree-Sit is unlikely to interfere with his intention to build a giant new intersection on the Trans-Canada highway next to Goldstream Park.  He  claims that the new cloverleaf intersection will reduce congestion on the highway. The reality is that Bear Mountain has sprawled as far as is permitted with current access infrastructure. To procede with Phase 2 of the Bear Mountain `blast and level`development plan, aka `Son of Bear Mountain,` the interchange is required.                         



                                             Len Barrie's Monster Folly                                               


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Tree Sit Established in Path of Bear Mountain Interchange

April 11, 2007

LANGFORD, BC—Concerned citizens have erected a 'Tree Sit' adjacent to the 40-metre-long Langford Lake Cave, at the location of the proposed Bear Mountain Interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway. They are refusing to leave until the City of Langford abandons the controversial highway project. A press conference will take place Wednesday at 11AM at the Tree Sit (access from cul-de-sac at the end of Leigh Road, the first right off Goldstream Avenue after Spencer School).

  Blocking Bare Mountain Sprawl


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Plantskydd: Planting Trees with Pigs Blood

BC Treeplanters Revolted

Amongst all the myriads of industrial horrors that treeplanters are exposed to in BC, nothing is more disgusting than the use of the Swedish-invented pigs blood product called "Plantskydd." Thanks to Gordo, the American pig-slaughtering industry has now found an eager destination to spew their offal by-product: into BC forests.



                                         "Baggin up the blood" Photo:  Sophia Joubarne             


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An Account of the Sentencing of Betty Krawczyk

Published on Counterpunch 

I arrived at 800 Smithe St, Vancouver, -the Supreme Court of BC at the designated hour of 8am on Monday, March 6th/07. I was there to support the redoubtable Betty Krawczyk, British Columbia's most famous and beloved 78-year-old, non-violent, civil-disobedient ancient forest protection activist as she was sentenced to jail, once again, for standing firm against the wanton destruction of rare, ancient forest ecosystems.


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Greenwash Blowout

Harpo and Gordo blow $120,000,000

The entrenchment of environmental myopia and repression by government, industry and media being such, it has taken until 2007 for the political establishment to generate a trickle of interest in BC's maelstrom of tidal resources. Canada's consumption-economy politicians have long sneered at a growing diversity of alternative energy-production and conservation opportunities in favour of the enormous, centralized, capitalist, planet-killing fossil-fuel economy. But suddenly last week, there was "Canada's New Prime Minister," ~Bush-buddy "Steve" Harper, all self-inflated in his floater-suit and strutting against the back-drop of the pathetic little prototype lunar-power generator now keeping the lights on at Race Rocks lighthouse.


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