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Depressing the Sofa: The Baulking Bulk of the USA Peace Movement

published on Daily Kos

This week, a majority of Americans thrilled to a mild, restrained roasting of their criminal, idiot president by Comedy Central comedian, Stephen Colbert. Like most of the Prog-Bloggosphere, I watched this surprisingly lame segment over the internet after it was widely ignored and blacked out by the Bush-lackey USA corporate media. Sheesh, the old (I’m an editor) hit-counter almost blew a gasket clicking in more than 9000 hits. If Colbert’s intention was to ridicule the Nukular Decider, then I for one, believe Colbert squandered his once-in-a-lifetime live-camera opportunity to truly speak truth to the face of power.



He had the stage, the mike, the cameras, the quisling corporate media, a TV audience of millions and the dear-leader Smirkster himself sitting 10 feet away. Few people in life ever get such a fabulous opportunity to, in ten minutes, make such an enormous contribution to humanity.

Why didn’t Colbert stride up to the mike, clear his throat, look sternly back and forth out over the crowd of Bush stenographers for a silent minute, turn on his heel, point to Bush and say,
“You sir, are the idiot scourge of the world, the #1 terrorist, the filthiest polluter, the most profligate waster, most dangerous nukular proliferator, the most corrupt, the most visionless, the most heartless, the stupidest, the most grovelling corporate lackey, the most illiterate, the most swaggering, the most consuming, the ugliest, the most criminal asshole creep that ever defiled the human species, and you, and all your quisling collaborators here in this audience, can just FUCK RIGHT OFF AND GO TO HELL.”

Even the USA corporate media could not have ignored that.

Reading the bloggosphere, you’d think that Colbert had walked over and boxed the bastard’s ears. Apparently, a vast majority of Americans now oppose Bush’s Iraq attack, invasion, occupation, torture and massacre (it’s immoral to call it a war) But for the bulk of the lame-ass USA couch-potato peace movement, the extent of their activism is simply to depress their sofas watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on TV.

That they enjoy Comedy Central humour and then blather about it at the watercooler next day is how mainstream Americans now define their pacifism and that’s the limit of what they will do about their criminal deathmongering leadership. If Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are leading and defining the USA peace movement, how long can it be before American mushroom clouds blossom over Iran?