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Michelle Malkin: Payback’s a Bitch

On April 11, Students Against War successfully flushed USA military recruiters out of a Santa Cruz University campus job fair. So when the Anne Coulteresque hyper-fanatical right-wing blogger, Michelle Malkin, decided to post the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of three members of Students Against War on her website, they were harrassed by a steady slew of really nasty and obscene messages which included death threats. In retaliation, the prog-blog One People’s Project website promptly released Michelle Malkin’s personal contact details.


Subsequently, other bloggers picked it up, and Malkin’s home address and phone number, with graphic aerial photo’s of her house and maps were posted on scores of sites across the blogosphere. “I am now forced to remove one of my children from school and move my family,” Malkin wrote Thursday in an e-mail to the Sentinel

Michelle Malkin is one of those few Americans who still gloats over the GWB attack, invasion, occupation, torture and massacre adventure in Iraq. She has a problem with the peace-politics of the Students Against War. You can read some of her regular articles here. Perhaps after reading, you will be inspired to pay her a drive-by visit. Payback’s a bitch eh’ Malkin?