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Letter to David Frum re: “Nuclear Jihad”


David Frum


Dear Dave,

I’ve just read your fascinating article, “Nuclear Jihad,” on the American Enterprise Institute website!

Dave, I do believe that you’ve overlooked a 4th possibilty in your search for reason in the Iranian Mullah’s current nuclear stance.


The Iranian Mullahs recognize, as does nearly everybody, that the world’s largest debtor nation is led by a stupid, illiterate, illegitimate, liar who is advised by a doddering, tired, old, warmongering Neocon cabal, ~a veritable “Excess of Evil.”

The Iranian Mullahs know that George W. Bush’s adventure in the Middle Eastern oil-fields has now devolved into a grotesque Quagmine and the American military is being defeated by several hundred courageous freedom-fighters, operating on a shoestring budget, with bargain-basement improvised weaponry, in Iraq.

Dave, the Iranian Mullahs know this very well, as does nearly everybody. And now the world watches with a well-deserved schadenfreude as the worlds greatest terrorist, George W. Bush squirms, and his fat, push-button-video-terminal warriors ( these folks volunteered?! ~for Bush?! what’s with that?!!) prepare to cut-and-run from their attack, invasion, occupation, torture and massacre tour of Iraq.

Bush threatened Iran right from the get-go, so the Iranian Mullahs are developing the only possible defence against the greed-frenzied oil-gluttonous American oligarchs who are slathering to attack.

The only defence is, of course, a nuclear weapon. Hey, it’s worked wonders for the worlds most impoverished nation, North Korea, which has stared down the USA military for 50 years!

Even so, the Iranian Mullahs most likely aren’t going to need nukes to destroy the USA and its rapidly dwindling ‘coalition of the willing.” Why would they bother, when they’re about to sell their oil to China in Euro’s?

It’s so very simple, Dave! China converts its US $ 800,000,000,000 stack of basically worthless, green, ink-stained paper, and starts using real money to buy oil. Schaaackkk! The USA crashes and burns! No nuke could wreak that kind of instantaneous mass destruction to the USA’s teetering, debt-ridden economy !

Of course, the Iranian Mullah’s never had a choice when it came to George W.Bush. You knew that. In fact, you yourself scripted his infamous phrase “Axis of Evil,” which was of course, the very first public, apocalyptic threat Bush levelled against Iran.

Dave, you put the words in his mouth!

“Nukular Jihad” would have been a more appropriate title for your article, considering which global menace is the most likely source of nuclear terror involving Iran.

Cheers, Ingmar Lee