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GOP GWOT GOTTerdammerung

The truculent troglodytes’ GOP monoglot,
 Of orgulous oligopolist dystopia, a
  Tortuous Brobdingnagian
GWOT plot, an

   Axis of
Apocalypse and apoplectic hyperbole.

    Lap-dogging the ogreish oligarchical despot,
      Press stenographers claque in echolalia
     Oggling obsequious grovelling robots,
      Warmongers all, the corporate-media.

       Ergo emasculate lumpenprole bigots,
      Regurgitate redneckian megalomania,
     Homo-hating misanthrope homunculus hotshots
    American might’s naught but macho scagliola.

   Scofflaw unscrupulous scrofulous geezers,
  Catatonic gerontocrat PNAC paterfamilias,
 Obligatory obeisance to a godawful Jesus.

Regnant Republican Ziocon zealots,
 Ransack and massacre Sunni and Shia
  United States global hegemony’s fraught with a

   Propagandist palimpsest, pusillanimous panacea.

    The president’s election’s an autarchical fraud,
     Erected by gerrymandering vote-rigging sleaze,
      Democracy’s dead in a Dieboldian vault,
       The Neocon nukular Pandora is freed,
      Hyperbaric hellion schemes a final assault, the
     Endgame of Bush’s Armageddon is near.

    An humoungous diabolical fascist imbroglio,
   Malignant globe-gobbling capitalist craze,

hatological dogmatic bornagain lingo,

 Religiousity in the vein of the Marquis de Sade.

Incognizant jackbooted jocular jingo,
 Cataplectic Machiavellian legerdemain,
  A pugnacious ignoramus spews incognito,

  Now the warmongers mission is clearly insane.

    Disintegrating prodigal pompous poltroon,
shackle Ragnarok of imminent doom,
  Epochal megadeath and
detumescent gloom,
now the abysmal Neocon hegemon’s tomb, is
red by this epitaph to his Gotterdammerung.