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Tom Hurndall, Peace Activist, Shot by Israeli Sniper April 11, 2003,While Rescuing Palestinian Kids


Just before midday on 11 April, 2003, an Israeli sniper opened fire on three children as they played in a dusty, makeshift playground in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. The youngsters froze. Tom Hurndall, a 22 year-old English photographer dashed to the scene, carrying the traumatised body of a small boy to safety. Hurndall returned into the line of fire. As he bent to scoop a small girl away from the fizzing bullets, Israeli Army Sergeant Taysir Hayb shot him in the side of the head. Hurndall spent the next nine months unconscious in a London hospital before he died. In court, Sergeant Hayb admitted that “The [Israeli army] fires freely in Rafah.” ~Yeah, even shooting at children at a playground and then murdering the heroic Peace activists who try to protect them.