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Canadas Shameful Excuse for Democracy

In Canada's federal election, not a single one of the corporate-media-sanctioned, "officially recognized" leadership candidates has mentioned the global ecological catastrophe currently unfolding in Japan.

Meanwhile, at least 4 of Fukushima Daiichi's reactors are in various stages of non-controllable meltdown, spewing ever increasing plumes of the most toxic, long-lived poisons in the universe -yet no international emergency nuclear expert team is mobilized to protect our planet.

Canadians need to know that, -as of 2006- fully 12% of Canada's federal debt has been racked up by the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited corporation. For that investment, the Canadian taxpayer brought the BOMB to both India and Pakistan, amongst other heinous crimes against life on the planet yet to come.

The radiological poisoning of our atmosphere, distorting the very DNA of every living being on the planet into the future, will now put the climate catastrophe into the backseat...and yet, has anyone heard a single federal candidate for the leadership of our country, -with the exception of Elizabeth May- even bother a mention of this disaster?

If our political system were not so horribly stupid, corrupt and violent, it would be a joke. For anyone who gives a shit about life on Earth and wants to dignify that crap by 'exercising their right to vote,' then they damn-well better be voting Green.

Peace Be With You,  Ingmar