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What’s Beautiful about the Dead Girls?

Yesterday, I posted two comments up on Daily Kos, -supposedly the busiest “progressive” (I yearn for better terminology) discussion in the bloggosphere, in response to the diary: “Beautiful Dead Girls,” which bewailed the violent deaths of female American soldiers in the GWOT. I see that my relevant comments got “Troll Rated” and now have been arbitrarily removed from the discussion.


Surely it’s relevant to the DKos discussion, which purports to have an anti-war bias, to raise the issue of how it is that a post like “Beautiful Dead Girls” can generate 365 gushing, tear-jerking comments about these soldiers, who have voluntarily signed up to participate in George Bush’s attacks, invasions, occupations, tortures, rapes and massacres (it’s immoral to call these American atrocities “war” or worse, the “GWOT”.)

Here are just several of the comments which illustrate the gist of the overwhelming DKos discussion:


I wanted to include them all (518+ / 0-)

but after a while I was crying too much to do the tags right.

Yes, there are still FEMINISTS on Daily Kos! Join the fabulous Supervixens every Thurs. night.

by hrh on Mon Aug 21, 2006 at 05:08:45 PM PDT




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and I should have said this before, but I was engrossed in grieving for them - I’m so proud of these strong, brave, capable women. It makes me happy that they lived and did what they did. I’m reassured by the thought that there are many more like them who are serving our country at this moment. We should do everything we can to recognize them and thank them.

Yes, there are still FEMINISTS on Daily Kos! Join the fabulous Supervixens every Thurs. night.

by hrh on Mon Aug 21, 2006 at 08:24:04 PM PDT


Is it not THE most enormous aspect of the problem that Americans, en masse, left or right, so blindly glorify their Brobdingnagian behemoth military? And that Americans, supposedly educated by the world’s best education system in “the land of the free” can be so easily hoodwinked into believing that there’s some kind of patriotic glory in voluntarily signing up to become part of this voracious killing machine?

Aside from the killing, here’s an example of the typical calibre and behaviour of American soldiers abroad:

Recently the USA Navy Amphibious Assault and Command Ship “Belleau Wood,” which carries a complete Marine battalion landed at Ogden Point in my city of Victoria, BC Canada and disgorged as many as 1900 sailors. DKos readers should be clear just how Victoria benefitted from this one week American military rampage which was visited upon our city.

As a taxi driver working the night shift, here is what I observed: Victoria’s taxi fleet spent much of the Belleau Wood visit transporting falling-down-drunk sailors between “Monty’s,” a downtown strip club, to the “Red Lion,” Victoria’s other strip club. In between strip clubs, the sailors invariably wanted to “drive-through” at McDonald’s, Wendy’s or A&W. During the wait, I asked how they felt about being used by oil companies to attack, invade and massacre other countries to steal their oil. “I hear you, man, but we can’t talk about that,” was the standard answer. So much for the ‘freedom’ these guys are supposed to be fighting for.

Each trip, I was greeted with the same request, “Where can we get those Victoria chicks?” Some sailors even dressed in uniform for their night on the town, hoping that this would impress Victoria’s “chicks.” Upon reaching their destination, they demanded exchange rates for American dollars and referred to Canadian money as ‘Monopoly money.” And now, in the wake of the Belleau Wood visit, a large influx of prostitutes continues strolling all the way down Government Street.

Victoria is an increasingly popular destination for giant American warships bristling with Weapons of Mass Destruction looking for service. When American push-button & video-terminal warriors come to town, the Red-Light and Fast Food industry flourishes.

Such are the economic benefits which accrue from US military visits to our town.
If there’s ever to be Peace, American’s must realize that their military, from top to bottom is a hideous blight on our planet. There are no innocents in this massive killing machine. There’s no ‘honour’ in volunteering for the worlds largest terrorist organization, now under the command of the deceitful, criminal cabal led by the hair-trigger “nucuelar decider, George W. Bush. American soldiers are well trained to kill, and obviously, to torture, and they go off into the world to kill, maim and destroy, all of their own ‘free will.” They know that they will kill, and that they may die. There will not be any “honour,” or “glory” for these stupid youngsters who continue to volunteer themselves for ‘duty’ in Bush’s appalling adventure. These soldiers, including the 2500 dead of either gender, by taint of their volunteer status, are each personally responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

It’s past time there was some conscience and courage from those who volunteer their lives to serve their country, but are now messed up with the global domination scheme of the current megalo-maniac dictator. The only German soldiers who are recognized as genuine military heroes after WW11 are people like Claus Von Stauffenberg, who along with Wilhelm Canaris, Carl Goerdeler, Julius Leber, Ulrich Hassell, Hans Oster, Henning von Tresckow, Fabin Schlabrendorff, Peter von Wartenburg, Ludwig Beck, and Erwin von Witzleben attempted to assasinate Adolph Hitler. There will never be a heroic epitaph written for those soldiers who have volunteered for George Bush’s Iraq massacre, but whosoever amongst them who works to frag this scourge and his war-chest will have done humanity and the good Earth the ultimate service. They should do their duty.