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Massive, Bloated Elephant Farts in the DKos Room

The most massive, bloated Elephant ever is now sitting right there, squashed into the middle of the Daily Kos room, and it just farted. But nobody’s talking about it. Is everyone on America’s busiest blog gagged, or what? Has the miasma of stench and corruption totally overwhelmed and disappeared the dysfunctional DKos discussion about this dreadful dystopia?


The attack, invasion, occupation, torture, rape and massacres of Iraq and Lebanon (it’s immoral to call these “war”) are barely mentioned there. While the rest of the “progressive” (I yearn for better terminology) bloggosphere is lit up like the Beirut and Baghdad skylines, DKos blatherers bleat and bore on about LIEberman/Lamont.

While the trumpetting elephant rips and tears, DKos talks about its dumb, tired old Donkey.

Looking at the political options available to Americans, how can people possibly waste their time rallying behind this gutless ass, the Donkey party? Its farts reek just as badly.

The Elephant and the Donkey know full well that the future of the world’s largest debtor nation (thats negative $8,000,000,000,000 [that’s 12 zero’s]) requires the violent, ruthless theft of whatever remains of oil to maintain the American status-quo. Period. This simple reality is all that any “progressive” American needs to understand.

This fact was simple enough for the “Decider” and his Elephant to understand. And the Donkey understands that very well too. There’s no way in hell, should it get elected, that that Donkey will be seen to preside over the total collapse of the American economy either. They will not and cannot stop the oil grab, because America cannot continue without securing ALL that oil, so they too will perpetuate the violence.

So we have the WW III apocalypse, which can’t be discussed on DKos at all, especially not the Israeli atrocity in Lebanon, or Palestine, which is apparently too sensitive for discussion, FOR SOME REASON…

American “progressives” must stop dreaming of a restoration of a friendly, benevolent USA at peace with the world, they should forget about some further perpetuation of a “USA-lite” status-quo, and accept that their dichotomy of political options, Ass or Elephant all lead to nowhere except the apocalypse. As we all plummet straight towards economic and ecological catastrophe we must all get past this sorry, corrupt and futile diabolical Dieboldian excuse for democratic politics and find work-arounds to hasten the destruction of the American behemoth and it’s uber-violent proxies.

Progressives, Americans or otherwise who care for this world must encourage the total economic collapse of the USA by helping with the burgeoning global boycott. The run on the dollar is imminent, and the gathering momentum is truly “progressive.”

For the world, here’s the most progressive and concrete action plan yet devised that will give you all something truly useful and humane to do:

Please read Professor Virginia Tilley’s “Case for Boycotting Israel”