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On getting rich as a tree-hugger...


I'm tired of being a tree-hugger. I'm tired of being called a "radical hijacker" by the Prime Minister for signing up to speak at the Enbridge Pipeline/Tanker Giga-Project hearings. I'm tired of being skinny and hungry and broke, even though Stephen Harper is telling everyone that I get millions of dollars every year from American foundations. I'm tired of being dragged away by police and thrown in jail, and then having to sit in court for years on end, just because I happen to like primaeval forests, Sandhill cranes, wild salmon and whales. I'm tired of climbing flagpoles, hanging up banners, putting up tree-sits and dismantling gigantic seismic blasts. After all these years, I've never made a single buck out of environmental work, and for all my efforts, I'm not famous either..


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Canadas Shameful Excuse for Democracy

In Canada's federal election, not a single one of the corporate-media-sanctioned, "officially recognized" leadership candidates has mentioned the global ecological catastrophe currently unfolding in Japan.

Meanwhile, at least 4 of Fukushima Daiichi's reactors are in various stages of non-controllable meltdown, spewing ever increasing plumes of the most toxic, long-lived poisons in the universe -yet no international emergency nuclear expert team is mobilized to protect our planet.

Canadians need to know that, -as of 2006- fully 12% of Canada's federal debt has been racked up by the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited corporation. For that investment, the Canadian taxpayer brought the BOMB to both India and Pakistan, amongst other heinous crimes against life on the planet yet to come.

The radiological poisoning of our atmosphere, distorting the very DNA of every living being on the planet into the future, will now put the climate catastrophe into the backseat...and yet, has anyone heard a single federal candidate for the leadership of our country, -with the exception of Elizabeth May- even bother a mention of this disaster?

If our political system were not so horribly stupid, corrupt and violent, it would be a joke. For anyone who gives a shit about life on Earth and wants to dignify that crap by 'exercising their right to vote,' then they damn-well better be voting Green.

Peace Be With You,  Ingmar

The Citizens Metamorphosis

Today, two grandmothers, two priests and a nun were sentenced in federal court in Tacoma, WA Monday March 28, 2011, for confronting hundreds of US nuclear weapons stockpiled for use by the deadly Trident submarines. In commemoration of their heroic courage, I am reposting an article I wrote a while back in which I have compiled a list of similar heroic citizen acts of non-violent civil-disobedience. In a corporate-dominated world with no due-process options, NVCD has become a regrettable, but necessary tool for effecting change. Cheers,  Ingmar



The Citizen's Metamorphosis

This morning I awoke from unsettling dreams to recognize that my agenda is now construed as a hideous terrorist threat. As a regular non-violent civil-disobedient direct-action treesitter and an activist with Peace and Human Rights proclivities, I expect that I should be terrified about the unsurprising recent revelations about the extent of the Bush domestic espionage programs. I should flatter myself that my seemingly piddling efforts have now put me square on the National Security Agency (NSA) radar screen. While researching for this article, I have been browsing deep into the forbidden territory of direct-action activism, and with every click of the mouse, apparently, I'm lighting up a red-flag on some spy-screen down at N.S.A./F.B.I./Pentagon CentCom. Just by the bookmarks I've collected in my computer, I could well be slated for extraordinary rendition to some nearby dungeon of the Bush torture gulag.


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2nd letter to the "Harper Government" re: radioactive fallout over Canada

Attention Stephen Harper and Christian Paradis, WAKE UP!!!!

It is beyond belief that four days now after the catastrophic Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which has resulted in apparently imminent nuclear meltdown of numerous reactor cores, which absolutely have the potential of seriously contaminating Canada and injuring Canadians, that the "Harper Government" continues to remain utterly oblivious to these facts, and offers exactly NOTHING regarding advice, updates, recommendations whatsoever to Canadians. I have just checked the PMO website, and there is utterly nothing regarding this extremely serious and globally dangerous issue.

Shocked and disgusted, 

Ingmar Lee, Salt Spring Island BC.


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The Silence of the North: when the tailings ponds let go....


I've just read a fantastic piece of historic Canadian literature, The Silence of the North, a memoir by pioneer trappers-wife, Olive A. Fredrickson, as told to writer Ben East. Frederickson reminisces from her experiences in the north of Alberta and British Columbia in the 1920s when all was wild up there. Her travels in the then wilderness took her all through the area around Fort McMurray, now the epicentre of the Alberta Tar Sands planetary blight.

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Ready to Fight for Nanoose DL 33

Dear Gordon Campbell politicians,

We fought you and defeated you over your scheme to plow a giant motorhome parking lot into Cathedral Grove. That's a fight that ended chief parking lot proponent Gillian Trumper's political career, and which indelibly stained the reputation of your government. We fought the grotesque forest-destroying 'Bear Mountain' development that you all facilitated. We put Bear Mountain on the map as the worst example of corrupt and destructive development in the province. We will take some credit for the current bankruptcy of that hideous CDF-destroying project, and for the imminent prosecution of its racist developer, your friend Len Barry.

Now, at Nanoose, we will fight you all again.

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....meanwhile, down at the Stephen Harper Canada Post Office...

This morning I went down to the Stephen Harper Canada Post Office here on Salt Spring Island. The X-Mas cabal is in full swing at the Stephen Harper federal public establishment and there were about 20 people ahead of me as I joined the queue. I was getting bored when I spotted the post card rack featuring a large postage-paid postcard of a beautiful healthy wolf, smiling at the camera, busting with health and wild freshness. Certainly, one expects that all merchandise on sale at the Stephen Harper Canada Post Office will have been carefully vetted...How lovely I thought, -I'll send some to my European friends...~but just then I noticed that, "CANADA" was loudly emblazoned in fancy curlicues across the bottom third of the card...

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Unanswered Questions about the BC governments Golden Eagle Slaughter

Several years ago, headline news broke out that people involved with the Vancouver Island marmot recovery project were bait-killing Golden eagles. Dr. Andrew "Mr. Marmot" Bryant, immediately went on record expressing shock and outrage that this had happened without his knowledge. Apparently, nobody on Bryant's team had bothered to tell the chief scientist that his own project was killing Golden eagles.

Instead, -so the story goes- Doug  Janz, then chair of the Marmot Recovery Team, had sneaked around behind Mr. Marmot's back and destroyed a number of these magnificent birds, all in the name of 'protecting' Vancouver Island's final marmots -Canada's most endangered species. Later Janz took the fall for the killings, which made front page headlines across Canada and shocked and horrified people around the world.


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Unanswered Questions about the BC governments Golden Eagle Slaughter

May 27, 2005     by Ingmar Lee

Last year, when it became known that people involved with the
Vancouver Island marmot recovery project had been bait-killing Golden
eagles, Dr. Andrew "Mr. Marmot" Bryant, immediately went on record
expressing shock and outrage that this had happened without his
knowledge. Ostensibly, Doug Janz, then chair of the Marmot Recovery
Team had sneaked around behind his back and destroyed a number of
these magnificent birds, all in the name of 'protecting' Vancouver
Island's marmots. Later Janz took the fall for the killings, which
made front page headlines across Canada and shocked and horrified
people around the world.

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Why I Climbed the Flagpole at the BC Legislature

In solidarity with the 100,000's of people demonstrating outside the farcical Copenhagen Climate-Change imbroglio, on the final day of the conference I climbed the tallest flagpole in the 'commonwealth' on the front lawn of the BC legislature. I hung a banner  protesting British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell's efforts to deliver 525,000 barrels-per-day, -fully half of daily Tar Sands dirty oil production- across our province to the Pacific Coast.


I've never trended much towards any nationalist or patriotic proclivity, although I'll admit to a slight twinge of pride of nation was when a former Prime Minister, in spite of overwhelming pressure, said 'fuck you' to GWB when he wanted Canada to join in with his attack, invasion, occupation, torture, rape and massacre of Iraq. But with Canada's Bush-style Neocons,  Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper busily forwarding the most globally notorious and clearly planet-killing Alberta Tar Sands industrial mega-project, now I'm utterly ashamed to be a Canadian.

Stephen Harper's recent cowardly, grudging and sneering performance, and the grovelling, quisling performance of his sycophant, Gordon Campbell at Copenhagen shamed and embarrassed Canada before the world. The drunken Premier of British Columbia joined Harper in Denmark to offer his 'support.' And to make matters even worse, Tzeporah Berman, CEO of ForestEthics Canada, which purports to work to protect BC forests and on other environmental issues, followed Campbell to Copenhagen to issue him an award for "Climate Leadership." After nearly a decade of Gordon Campbell at the helm, the British Columbia environment has taken a horrific corporate shit-kicking.

With our institutionally corrupt and gerrymandered excuse for democracy, and with giant transnational logging corporation's as his principal campaign financiers, Campbell has won successive majority governments by garnering on average, about 30% of the vote. And it is truly an embarrassment how cheap these corporations have been able to buy themselves a British Columbia government. The predictable result is that Campbell has presided over an unprecedented level of destruction in our forests.

His very first act of government back in 2001 was to abolish the Ministry of Environment. Next, he immediately reinstated the Grizzly bear trophy hunt. His government oversaw the culling of Golden eagles, which they scapegoated for the logging-caused extinction of the Vancouver Island marmot. As Canada's 'Most Endangered Species' these marmots only survive in captive breeding laboratories now. Campbell gutted the provinces Forest Practices Code, and then attempted to privatize the public forests of BC, which comprise more than 90% of the provinces land mass.


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Monkeywrenching the Batholiths - Ingmar Lee

by Ingmar Lee

This morning at 8:00am, July 14/09, I proceeded to the Denny Island aerodrome, located on Denny Island in the midst of the BC Central Coast archipelago, aka "The Great Bear Rainforest" where I broke open the welded steel cover and dismantled and destroyed a large seismic shot which was slated for blasting in the early morning hours of July 17th, 2009. I took this action alone, without the participation or knowledge of any other person, association or organization. I accept full and sole responsibilty for my action and look forward to the consequences.

"Batholiths Station # 35", Denny Island BC, (see map) was drilled to a depth of 50 metres and loaded with between 600 and 1000 kilograms of dynamite according to personal communications with Dr. John Hole of the Dept. of Geosciences, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, chief proponent of the "Batholiths Onland Seismic Program 2009". The shot was scheduled to be detonated as part of a chain of as many as 50 similar blast sites arrayed between Denny Island, along Dean and Burke Channels, through the Bella Coola valley, across the Chilcotin all the way to Quesnel, BC.



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A riposte to the demise of Bush, ~I reposte this grotesque epitaph,

~we needed that Americans had voted McCain, because he would have destroyed it faster...


The truculent troglodyttic GOP monoglot,
Of orgulous oligopolist dystopia, a
Tortuous Brobdingnagian
GWOT plot, an

Axis of
Apocalypse and apoplectic hyperbole.

Lap-dogging the ogreish oligarchical despot,
Press stenographers claque in echolalia
Oggling obsequious grovelling robots,
Warmongers all, the corporate-media.

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